Village of the Elite (VOE)


We are a Powerful But civilized Group Of Ninja we consist of High and weak ninjas that we protect at all cost.
Our High Level ninja is our backbone and we will protect our villagers.

We are Never situated one place for long we will constantly move and change coarse with time this is what will make us a family. We spend our days working as S-RANK Ninjas for various Villages. Some of our acts for some villages my be heinous or horrific but our ninjas do what they must to feed their Family. We show no remorse if a member of our own village is in any way out of bounds he/she will be dealt with accordingly this way everyone WILL have a sense of security and Strength.

We allow many many weak ninja to travel with us as our "BACKBONE" is our elite forces. While they are with us we teach them to control and harness that untouched ability within themselves this way when the time come we will not only have a stronger backbone but also many ninja who does NOT need to be looked over as a child they WILL protect the Members and the Future Generation of ELITE SHINOIBI. 

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